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Bombs Away

Last updated: September 3, 2006 @ 8:09pm

My original plan was to have good sound, props and make up...oh - and 4 weeks to get it right. No surprise then to find that I've left it a little late and filmed the first half 9 days before the deadline.

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Our latest film: September 6, 2006



15 second bomb!

Bomb! is an idea that Phil Reed (see Sunday in the Park) initially saw as a series of short skits.

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Our Projects

Bad Pipes

Bad Pipes is a mini short based on some strange deep seated fear I have of toilet pipes. I always find myself starring down the pipes expecting some nasty unwanted monster to leap out and suck my face in, or at the very least, rip it off (my face).   Read more >

Brand spanking new site

Warm cuddly welcomes...

Remy Sharp welcomes you to Sharp FOCUS films.

As far back as I can remember I wanted to make films. I think somewhere along the way, that dream got a little corrupted and you're lead to believe that dreams don't make you an earning - so computers it was. However, now I've made full circle, I've got myself a DV camcorder, a tripod, an editing program and the will to make some films.

These pages are dedicated to those 'film' projects that I've completed, and those that are 'in progress'.

Watch this space for more projects to come, in the mean while, here are the links to my completed films:

- Bomb!
- Fast Food
- Star Wars 3 3/4 - Friendship: A New Hope
- Sunday in the Park
- The Axe Showdown
- The Loaded Question
- The Showdown: Part Two
- Trained
- Urban Ninja
- War of the Buddies
- White Wally

A Sharp Focus Film Selection